Healthy Lawn for all feet and paws

A safe healthy lawn only takes some good biodiverse grass seed and compost as a top dressing.

A nice biodiverse mix of grass and clover will keep your lawn healthy.  Clover sequesters nitrogen from the air and drives it into the soil where your grass roots can utilize it for healthier growth.  Be sure to leave your clippings in place, they provide a great source of nitrogen as well. Mow no lower than 3-1/2″, longer grass blades will protect the soil below, shading it, reducing evaporation, so less water is needed as well as leaving no room for weeds to germinate.

Top Dressing with Compost

At anytime of the year your lawn can be top dressed with compost, building a healthy soil structure for the grass to grow in. This is the simple act of sprinkling a thin layer of compost on the whole lawn. Always drop your clippings when mowing for added nitrogen.

Top dress at the end of March

Lawn at the end of June