Healthy Beautiful Flower Gardens

A healthy beautiful flower garden begins with healthy soil.  Let the microbial life and earthworms do all of the work.  All you need to do is add compost as a mulch to all flowerbeds at least once per year.

Polar Bear Zinnia

Resources to Learn More


I find podcasts to be relaxing to listen to but also jam packed with information. I recommend this podcast for flower farmers – or if you just want to learn more.
If you have a suggestion of a great flower growing podcast, please email me, I’d love to expand these resource sections.

No Till Flowers with Jenny Love

No Till Flowers

Local Flower Farmers

Local Flower Farmers that I am impressed with and have taught me how to grow a beautiful flower garden in my own backyard. Follow along on their Instagram – you will certainly learn quite a lot.
If you have a suggestions of a great organic, no till flower farmer, please email me, I’d love to meet them and be able to expand this resource section.

Independent Seed Suppliers recommended by these local farmers