SOS for your Soil Compost

What is compost used for?

Compost is a great organic alternative to fertilizers and mulch. Using compost on lawns (top-dressing) is one of the best ways to feed your lawn.  Twice a year simply spread a very thin layer of compost across the entire lawn then water so it falls between the blades. Mulching all flowerbeds will suppress weeds, retain moisture and feed your plants all while looking very well kept.

Our premium compost is made simply from horse manure, fine wood shavings, hay and grass clippings. All ingredients are organic, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used on the farm so when you use our compost on your veggies, lawn and around trees you can rest assured that you are helping to keep your family and pets safe from chemicals.

Our bagged compost is available through local retailers, please visit our Locations Page for more information on these quantities:

  • Two cubic foot bags
  • Compost Tea bags which make 5 gallons of compost tea at a time. Please visit our Compost Tea page for usage and directions.

Bulk Compost by the yard is available directly from our farm*, pick up by appointment only 516-581-7882.

*We will fill your truck by the yard.