SOS for your Soil Compost is made on our horse farm in St. James where we currently have 22 horses, all of which are hunter/jumpers (show horses). These horses only receive antibiotics when they have an infection, much as a human would. The de-wormer we use degrades within 24 hours of leaving the horse’s body. This allows our compost to team with earthworms. The gut of a horse has a wide spectrum of beneficial microbes that are transferred to our compost.

The compost is made up of fine wood shavings (pine), hay, horse manure and yard waste (from our farm only). We use our compost on all of the landscaped areas as our fertilizer, nothing else is used.

Our compost is tested by Soil Food Web twice a year for e-coli and once a year a full analysis of the compost biology is done. Our Soil Chemistry Analysis is done once a year by Harrington’s Organic, results available upon request.

Using an Aerated Static Pile (ASP) our compost goes from raw to complete in 45 days, heating the pile to 160 degrees F killing off weed seeds (at 130 degrees F) and pathogens. Our Compost tea goes through the process 4 times to break it down further before being dried out and bagged on site in our biodegradable corn lined paper bags.